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Use our multi-award winning learning & communications app to reach 100% of your workforce and achieve measurable results.

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What is Evotix Learn?

Driving frontline performance

Evotix Learn delivers better frontline performance through video, achieving outcomes that no other corporate learning and training system can.

Improve engagement
Engage your frontline workers with easy-to-access, relevant video learning & communications.

Enhance training impact
Boost productivity, sales and customer ratings, and reduce absenteeism and attrition.

Get better insights
Increase uptake of training and get actionable insights that support your KPIs.

Trusted by the best businesses

What we do

Supporting learning, engagement & growth

By giving your staff easy access to information and support, Evotix Learn can enhance communication, collaboration, productivity and personal growth.

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  • Speed up remote onboarding
  • Improve processes & eliminate errors
  • Manage change
  • Upskill your workforce
  • Increase product expertise
  • Communicate & share knowledge

How we do it

Seamless, scalable technology

We use our experience in transforming companies into high-performing enterprises to create the intuitive tools our clients need.

Targeted communication

Deliver learning and engaging content to any device, and at any time.

Rapid response

Manage time-sensitive or urgent announcements such as crisis communications.

Share essential resources

Grant easy access to Quick Reference Guides (QRGs), Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and more.

Learning that sticks

Utilise bitesize microlearning and quiz functionality for maximum impact. Structured pathways to drive consistent capability across large dispersed workforces.

Easy integration

Extend the reach of your existing systems

By bringing learning content into apps and services that your employees regularly use, Evotix Learn delivers better reach and ultimately engagement.

Companies who invest in frontline training are winning

active usage

increase in sales


happy to use their own device