Multinational Automobile Manufacturer

How Evotix helped a Multinational Automobile Manufacturer better communicate with their employees.


Multinational Automobile Manufacturer

A multinational automobile manufacturer was going through a period of transformational change. The company, who produce a range of different cars and vans, value practical innovation, so were preparing to undergo disruptive growth transformation on a significant scale. The company’s focal change was in operational procedures for engineers, looking at the validation processes for automobile manufacture within the business. Their varied workforce involved a large number of deskless engineers with limited access to computers. They wanted to effectively engage with these workers, while accommodating the lack of traditional desktop-first comms channels.

Vehicles Sold Annually

The Challenge

As a multinational company, being able to communicate real-time news without negatively impacting operational efficiency was a priority. The challenge became finding a distribution platform capable of pushing different content to different audiences instantly.

The Solution

The automobile manufacturer worked with Evotix to deploy Connect, putting their people first with internal communications and employee engagement. The platform makes content easily accessible, providing a far simpler reading and publishing experience which supports a ‘little and often’ approach, meaning employees don’t need to take time out of their day to use the platform.

Connect allows rich media channels like video and audio; suitable for the typical audience and immediate engagement required. Simple interfaces can be managed autonomously so anyone can oversee and upload content, cutting time and labour demands. Rather than relying on an individual or team with specific IT expertise, it is a universal platform for all abilities.

The Results

  • 100% frontline staff reach
  • Deployed in days
  • Assessed change readiness

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