Little Screen. Big impact.

Our award-winning app is the most effective way to give your frontline staff the training & resources they need, precisely when they need it.

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The gateway for any audience

Nothing is more important than reaching people. Your manufacturing site staff. Your shop floor employees. Your supply chain partners and even your customers.

Increase uptake and reinforce your brand & values with an authentic design.

Making onboarding easier

We believe it should only take a few clicks to get started. Once your users have installed the app, they can log in with their unique access code.

Our powerful backend allows administrators to quickly customise every aspect of your app, deliver new content and manage access for users from across and outside your business.


Deliver targeted content

Increase engagement without increasing workload by easily localising content for your global workforce.

Create custom quizzes that check knowledge and reinforce learning from your most important content.

Make learning fun and sticky with leaderboards, achievements and unlockable content.

Explore our courses

Access to the largest curated eLearning library from the world’s top training providers, available for a single subscription within our learning platform.

Create a vital hub

A must-see home feed keeps users up to date with relevant news and communications.

Enrich your team’s experience with a range of media and content from different sources.

Users can further customise their feed, comment, share & like content, or submit their own.

Stress-free content managment

Create stunning new content or save time by cloning and editing successful previous content with our intuitive editor tool.

Easily publish content to custom audience groups, ensuring the right content appears in the right feeds.

Get powerful insights you can use

Get tangible insights to help prove engagement and ROI with our user-friendly data tool.

Focus on impact, not completions, with invaluable behaviour insights on clicks, pauses, user journeys and more.

See who’s using the app, when and from where. Learn how your teams use Evotix, and which content they value most.

Integrate with MS Teams

Deliver content to the heart of your organisation’s Teams application without users having to leave.

Enable staff to conveniently share important content in Teams chats and channels, increasing its reach with minimal effort.