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How Evotix helped a global FMCG company increase their sales by 6%


A Global FMCG Company's Story

A global FMCG company was looking to grow and improve their sales in emerging markets. Four years ago, they wanted to deliver a new initiative on the training and knowledge building fronts. This took the form of a Field Sales Accreditation (UFSA), where new sales personnel working for the company’s distributors would work their way through a series of training checkpoints in order to gain a level of ‘accreditation’. The end goal of this initiative was to have a more skilled and experienced workforce out in the field, which would lead to greater sales and an increase in brand respect.

Annual Revenue

The Challenge

To remain as the world’s leading fast-moving consumer goods company, a global FMCG company recognised the value of excellence in sales performance and the potential in emerging markets to achieve continued sales growth.

Sales enablement is no longer just about selling new products to new people; it’s about cross-selling, up-selling and the move to solution-selling. This means a stronger blend of skills and better knowledge of how the products fit together is required.

With 20,000 employees who sell to over 400 local brands, engaging a remote third party audience on a global scale in a consistent way is no easy feat. Therefore the channel needed to fit around busy daily lives and varying work structures, all to help employees love their work.

The Solution

To achieve this they set out to build a more developed and knowledgeable sales channel which connects any employee, while simultaneously offering them significant flexibility.

A global FMCG company worked with Evotix to deploy Learn, an app with real-time targeted learning pathways and structured product information. Instead of set training sessions, this platform directly educates the sales team on methods for selling and provides information on the products they’re selling, straight from their personal portable devices.

This on-the-go educational tool can be accessed by any employee, anytime, anywhere, on any device, all in just a few minutes of learning each day. With bite-sized learning in a gamified, snackable format, retention improves and the experience fits around busy schedules to maximise engagement.

Learns mobile-first solution caters for remote workforces. It supports users, even in areas of poor connectivity and where there is limited or no access to data, with fully-functioning offline capabilities so users don’t need to be connected to access the content- even video!

The Results

  • 15% increase in secondary sales
  • 6% increase in new sales
  • 10% increase in perfect store
  • 8% increase in target store visitation

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