Network Rail

How Evotix helped Network Rail facilitate communication with their employees


Network Rail’s Story

Currently, Network Rail is working on a monumental project to make significant improvements to Britain’s railway infrastructure. They are the owners of 20,000 miles of track, 30,000 bridges, tunnels and viaducts and 20 of the UK’s largest stations that carry more than 4.8 million journeys every day. Being customer-focused, they’re adopting a digital railway program as part of a multi-billion pound Railway Upgrade Plan, to grow and expand the nation’s railway network in response to significant growth and demand, following the doubling of passenger journeys over the past 20 years.


The Challenge

A significant period of growth during a wide-scale national programme meant remote, frontline employees working all across the country, need to have fast, simple and easy access to organisational information to increase engagement. The workforce consists mainly of people only accessible via mobile, many of whom as contractors are also not part of the corporate network.

The Solution

A mobile and video first app, accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device, even on-site without access to WiFi or data!

The platform provides a seamless video experience which supports a ‘little and often’ approach, meaning employees don’t need to take time out of their day or trek back to a central location to use the platform. In addition the solution delivered multi-authentication for contractors not part of the corporate network enabling them to login using Facebook for example.

The Results

We reach 100% of contractors as well as staff using alternative means of authentication. 83% of all activity comes from a mobile device.

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