Does your mobile learning solution really work?

10th May, 2021


Standard working practices have been stress tested to the max with recent global events. Having spoken to my network over the last month or so, it’s clear that this has highlighted some pretty significant gaps in the way people are engaged and communicated with and current technology vendors can actually provide.

With the largest proportion of the world’s workforce remote and desk-less (80%), this can only mean that the gap for those who don’t work in an office on a daily basis has always been there.Why has it taken something like this to give companies the kick they need to take action?
Now everyone’s experiencing the same challenges of remote access, perhaps there will be more of a focus on making sure that we cater for the masses when we get back to BAU.

If you already have a remote and mobile learning solution, ask yourself three very simple questions:

Has it provided the right options for the business and supported change?



Can the right people get access to the learning resources they need?



What’s the current delta between the people that you wanted to use your mobile learning solution and the people that actually are? Is it the right kind of usage?



If you don’t have a remote and mobile learning solution today, then you need to think about why you need one in the first place. What does success look like? What business results would you expect? And who’s your primary audience?
Wherever you are in your mobile learning journey, at some point you’re going to have to make a decision:

  • Do we rip and replace, not knowing whether the new world will be any better and enduring the long implementation timelines?
  • Do we look at what else we can do to enhance our existing investments to get what we need?

Our Learning is not an Island paper provides more insight into what to look out for when executing a mobile strategy.