3 step plan to maximise engagement with Learning in the Flow of Work

10th May, 2021


Learning in the flow of work (FLO) is about bringing your learning content into apps and services that your employees live in. Rather than think of corporate learning as a destination, it’s now becoming something that comes to us.

FLO is at the top end of the learning curve, there are obvious initial benefits such as integrations with third party platforms, getting your learning content into the faces of your audience, and essentially making the most out of the platforms your employees live in.

We have set you up with a 3 step plan on how to be creative and maximise engagement with your learning content through learning in the flow of work.

Create bitesize engaging content


Learning doesn’t need to be a chore or a last minute thought, turning learning into activities and tasks that your employees can enjoy is a better way to get people engaged, this is where you can be really creative with FLO. Gone are the days of long-winded, time consuming articles which take half of your employees’ morning. Introducing bitesize enjoyable content is beneficial for the organisation, L&D department, and the individual.
Think about turning that 35 minute video about health and safety into a few short 5 minute videos with a small quiz after. Or a multiple choice poll which is simply completed in a matter of a few clicks. Your employees are much more likely to engage and complete their required training if it’s something that fits around their schedule, and most importantly their everyday work.

Engage in the apps they love


2020 has forced the majority of us to work remotely/from home meaning your people probably spend most of their work day in platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Salesforce. To be creative with FLO you need to plug learning into their workflow and everyday lives, the best way to do this? In the platforms they live in.

Adding other elements into the platforms they used everyday that benefit them is a great incentive for them to complete their learning. For example, they may initially think of MS Teams as just a communication platform, but if you can turn it into something fun and practical with your bitesize content, it can change the way they learn without forcing them to leave the app.

Create some Healthy Competition

Get creative with how you show progress and completions, make them visual by gamifying your outcomes with leaderboards, graphs, charts etc. it can be a great way to create some friendly competition between employees to see who can do the best, but more importantly you can prove learning works to the rest of the business – gain insights into how much people have completed and not just a yes or no on whether they have completed it or not, see where they have dropped off, what topics people found most engaging, and what format of learning worked best? Gaining this intelligence whilst in the flow can help you make decisions for future learning and be even more effective.

To maximise your learning, it needs to be fun and exciting, try to get creative with it. There is no better way to get the most out of learning than in the FLO, but if you can take it to the next level, be creative and provoke engagement then you will see the results.